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Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting cleans surfaces by spraying a high-velocity stream of dry ice pellets. The dry ice flash-freezes contaminants, breaking the bond with the surface. The thrust of air removes the contaminant, and the dry ice instantly sublimates into harmless CO2 gas. Dry ice blasting is perfect for removing mold, paint, graffiti, rust, grease, oil, adhesives, tar or other built-up residues without harming the surfaces themselves.

The tremendous benefit of dry ice blasting over other forms of blasting (such as sand blasting and baking soda blasting) is that the dry ice simply sublimates into CO2 gas as it deflects off the surface, leaving no messy granules -- nothing to clean up after the clean up. Dry ice blasting is chemical-free and can be used on many surfaces where sand blasting or other cleaning is not effective (such as stucco).

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Time and Money Saving Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

Clean Faster, Better and Safer
Dry ice blasting saves many hours and is more thorough and safe compared to scrubbing with abrasive pads, steel wool or wire brushes. It also allows for rapid cleaning in tight places that can't be reached by hand. Cleaning methods such as sandblasting can be harshly abrasive enough to actually remove part of the surface, actually altering the surface structure. Dry ice is safer to surfaces, leaving the surface unharmed as it lifts contaminants away.

Dry ice blasting does not use solvents, just harmless, non-toxic CO2 pellets which vaporize into CO2 gas on contact and quickly dissipate. Other cleaning methods use cleaning agents that become secondary contaminants and must be handled and disposed of as toxic waste. Dry ice cleaning complies with environmental regulations and improves worker/occupant safety.

Dry ice is about -109° F. The substrate being blasted is usually from 50-100+ degrees, so there is a tremendous temperature differential. As the dry ice sublimates (going from solid to gas instantly) it expands about 700 times in volume. The abrasion coupled with the sublimation is very very effective in cleaning areas impossible to get to with a wire brush (between floor joists & subflooring, etc.).

Dry ice blasting is cleaner, faster, better, and safer for employees, equipment, facilities, products, and the environment.

Clean Equipment in Place
Dry Ice Blasting allows equipment and other surfaces to be cleaned "in-place" without disassembling or transporting to separate cleaning areas. This reduces costs related to "down" time, transportation, and labor-intensive disassembly/reassembly. It also eliminates potential damage to equipment while being disassembled or moved. In most situations, equipment can even be cleaned hot, eliminating cooling down and reheating time and costs.

Industrial Cleaning Uses
Regular cleaning of engines, equipment or other surfaces can reduce "down" time and keep equipment running cleaner and more efficiently. Dry ice blasting can safely remove mold, grease, grime, sealants, oil, rust, overspray, adhesives, tar, etc., without damaging surfaces. Surfaces include:

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